Fully Adaptable Wheelchair Securement

The Q'UBE was created with vehicle operators in mind, designed as a fully adaptable, complete bolt-in solution that can be mounted for many vehicle applications without the need to run cables or wires.

The Q'UBE features a mechanical delay system, an easy-to-reach single motion release that significantly reduces wheelchair securement time and effort. A wide assortment of brackets and occupant solutions ensure that the Q’UBE will work with your existing layouts and is the perfect retrofit for your fleet.

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Vehicle Applications:
City Bus , Rail , Community Transport , School Bus , Coach Bus

  • City Bus
  • Rail
  • Community Transport
  • School Bus
  • Coach Bus


Fully Adaptable

Ideal for both new and retrofit applications, the Q’UBE installs into Transit, Para-Transit and School Bus vehicles and can work with existing anchorage systems

Modular Design

Designed as a complete bolt-in solution that can be mounted for a variety of vehicle applicationsFeature Image

Mechanical Delay System

An easy-to-reach rear securement release with a positive “Locked” and “Unlocked” position. The release lever gives drivers enough time to properly secure rear wheelchair tie-downsFeature Image

Low Profile

Fits easily under wheelchair footrests

Self-Tensioning & Self-Locking

Fully automatic retractors that can auto-release without activation of the timer

Stainless Steel

High quality construction


Rear securements featuring J-Hooks to eliminate dangerous twists and tanglesFeature Image

Crash Tested

And fully ADA approved

Pin Connector Option

Allows the connection of existing occupant securements already installed in your vehicle

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Meets or exceeds the following standards and regulations: 

    • SAE J2249
    • ISO 10542
    • FMVSS 209, 302, 210, 222
    • CMVSS 209
    • CSA Z605
    • AS 2596
    • ADA
  • The Q'UBE

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    » View Comparison Chart

  • Q060002


    Q'UBE Right-Handed Curbside

  • Q060003


    Q'UBE Left-Handed Street Side

  • Q060004


    Q'UBE Left-Handed with Pedestal

  • Q060005


    Q'UBE Right-Handed with Pedestal

  • Q060006


    Q'UBE Right-Handed Slide 'N Click & Lap Belt

  • Q060007


    Q'UBE Left-Handed Slide 'N Click & Lap Belt

  • Q060008


    Q'UBE Right-Handed Slide 'N Click

  • Q060009


    Q'UBE Left-Handed Slide 'N Click

  • Q060011


    Q'UBE Left-Handed Rear Track & Lap Belt

  • Q060012


    Q'UBE Right-Handed Rear Track

  • Q060013


    Q'UBE Left-Handed Rear Track

  • QS00014


    Q'UBE Slide 'N Click

  • QS00032


    Q'UBE L-Track Parallel

  • QS00033


    Q'UBE Floor Bracket

  • QS00035


    Q'UBE Pedestal Mount

  • QS00034


    Q'UBE L-Track Perpendicular

  • QS00023


    Q'UBE Pin Connector Option

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