The QLK-110 wheelchair docking system is the perfect solution for wheelchair passengers who drive their own vehicles and for those who want the independence of quickly securing their own wheelchair using a single point system. The QLK-110 is engineered for reliability and based on the proven design of truck and trailer hitches which have been safely used for over half a century.

Along -- with the QLK-110 wheelchair docking system comes our dedication for staying up to date with current wheelchairs. Please see our Interactive Bracket List for an up to date selection. Brackets change...We're changing too.

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Vehicle Applications:
Mini Van , WAVs

  • Mini Van
  • WAVs


Superior Strength & Durability

Constructed of high quality, heat treated, anti-corrosive metal

Audible & Visual Indicators

Advises when passenger is secure

Micro-Switch Protection

Improved engineering eliminates micro-switch failures common on most docking systems

Multiple Release Points

Ability to release docking station with standard dash control, manual release on base, or an optional Remote Manual Release (in event of power failure)

Improved Maintenance

Specially designed spacers to prevent over-torqing of hardware, makes for easier maintenance

Improved Aesthetics

Our docking station and control panel is designed to compliment vehicle interiors

  • Warranty – 2 years with completed warranty
  • Tested – Crash tested in forward and rearward facing directions to 30mph, 20 g’s.
  • Meets or exceeds the following standards and regulations:
  • SAE J2249*
  • ISO 10542*
* Independent testing documentation available upon request.
  • 附件


  • Q04F0013


    Manual Cable Release.

  • 对接系统

  • Q04S110


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