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    The first fully automatic rear-facing wheelchair securement station that allows wheelchair and scooter passengers to self-secure. All in under 25 seconds - without requiring the driver to leave their seat to help.
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    An all-new design from the ‘floor’ up. The first 4-point, heavy duty, fully automatic retractable tie-downs designed, engineered and built to withstand the higher loads of the heaviest wheelchairs.

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    The next step in Independent Wheelchair Securement. The QLK-150 is the perfect solution for those looking to drive their own vehicle or want to quickly secure their wheelchair using a single point system.

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    Just Slide...and Click! The popular and patended Slide 'N Click offers a unique 360 degree rotation and the easiest one-handed operation of any comparable product available today.

Quoi de neuf chez Q'Straint :



The transportation industry's first Fully Automatic Wheelchair Securement Station. Explore the future at: thequantumleap.com

fleet eval program

Fleet Evaluation Program

Q'Straint and Sure-Lok are joining forces in a special program to help transportation officials assure the safety of their fleets.


Dock. Drive. Discover.

The next step in Independent Wheelchair Securement is here. The perfect solution for those who want to drive their own vehicle.


Glissez... et click!

Une nouveauté dans les plaques d'arrimage fixes, le Slide ‘N Click offres une rotation de 360 degrés et comparé à n'importe quel produit du genre, il est le plus facile à opérer avec une seule main.

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Depuis 25 ans, Q’Straint demeure fidèle à une même vision:

Développer les solutions de sécurité les plus efficaces au monde pour les passagers en fauteuil roulant.

Aujourd’hui, Q’Straint est une entreprise internationale et les représentants de notre réseau sont au service de notre clientèle dans plus de 45 pays, au travers de l’Amérique du Nord et du Sud, de l’Europe, de l’Océanie, de l’Asie, du Moyen-Orient et de l'Afrique.

Ce que le monde pense...

    I have often found myself nearly tipping over in my manual wheelchair when a bus has taken a corner a bit sharpish...This bus could have driven a slalom course and I would have remained exactly where I was. I felt completely safe and secure and I had no need to hang on.

    Helen Dolphin
    Director of Policy and Campaigns at Disabled Motoring UK
    Disability Advocate

    I had a Q’Staint QLK-150 installed in my 1995 Ford Van last year, which I’m proud to say it did its job on May 8, 2014 when I wrecked my van when I was headed home from work. The van went in the ditch, I hit three trees then flipped over on the driver side and landed up against the fourth tree. The Q’Staint QLK-150 held my power chair secured in the van. Thankfully, I was not injured and nobody else was involved in this crash.

    Keith Jenkins

    Wheelchair User and Driver

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