Fully Integrated Wheelchair Securement Station

Introducing The Q'POD. The first fully integrated forward facing wheelchair securement station specifically designed and tested for transit wheelchair passenger transportation. Proud to meet Buy-America.

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Q'POD Station
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Vehicle Applications:
City Bus , Rail

  • City Bus
  • Rail

Características y Beneficios

Integrated Wheelchair Securements

Rear self-tensioning wheelchair restraints and lap belts are fully enclosed. In addition to reducing tripping hazzards and potential for vandalism to restraints, they are pre-positioned for proper securement angles of wheelchairsFeature Image

Electric XPress Delay

Our proven electrical delay system enables drivers to unlock rear restraints for 15 seconds - enabling quicker wheelchair securement and better positioning. This remote release minimizes bending by driver/operators, reducing back injuries and improving securementFeature Image

Slim-Profile Flip Seat

Q'POD features a newly designed flip seat, accommodating wider wheelchairs in a smaller footprint...but can also be used with other seating options. Q'POD is available with the many seating and fabric options you've come to expect. Contact your seating manufacturer for more information.

Universal Design

Q′POD secures virtually all styles of wheelchairs, including scooters - the simplified operation allows for quicker securement times and reduced vehicle dwell time

Velocity Xpress (Mechanical) Delay

The fully mechanical Velocity XPress remote release dramatically lowers the cost of outfitting existing buses with Q’PODs in a retrofit installation. No electricity is required; it eliminates the need for interlock integration and the entire project can be completed in much less time

Maintenance Panel

Offers easy access to internal components

Unique 3-Point System

A patent-pending 3-Point system. An industry first that eliminates aisle side tripping hazards and unnecessary equipment on the floor, reducing potential tripping accidentsFeature Image

Stabilizing Bumper

Acts as the fourth wheelchair contact point to reduce potential wheelchair tip-oversFeature Image

Scooter Securement Ring

Front tensioning mechanism features a unique ring for ideal securement of three-wheeled scooters

Integrated Shoulder Belt

Provides ideal shoulder belt location, and eliminates the need for window bracketsFeature Image


PACE/Chicago, Brampton Transit Ontario, DART/Dallas, VTA/San Jose, Corpus Christi Texas, MITS/Muncie, Rochester, Oklahoma City, VOTRAN/Daytona Beach, MARTA/Atlanta, Transit Windsor Canada, WMATA/Washington, CATA/Lansing, Eau Claire Transit, King City/Seattle, BCT/Broward FL, Flint MTA/Michigan, Sun Metro/El Paso
...and more on the way!

Q'Pod Features a 5 Year Warranty!

With the Q'POD bringing you the latest technology and a sleu of industry firsts, what are the "Real-World" benefits you can expect from such an advanced system?

  • Eliminate Installation Issues
    Q'POD is the first fully integrated wheelchair station that can be simply bolted into the vehicle. No more bulky brackets, custom brackets and accessories, or vehicle and product modifications needed.

  • Standardized Fleet Training
    As a stand-alone system, your operators can now have standardized training and will know what to expect no matter which bus they drive. The Q'POD will eliminate all the variations typically seen across your fleet.

  • Reduce Liability
    Most systems promise lower liability, but the Q'POD is the only system that gives you the tools needed to make it happen; Standardized Fleet Maintenance, Operator Training and Instruction, Faster hookup time, Ample Wheelchair spacing, and the right equipment in the place.

  • Reduce Idle Time
    Q'POD is the fastest hookup in the industry. Take a look for yourself and watch our video below!

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