OMNI VR Vehicle Reinforcement Kits are Tested and Certified Anchorage Plates Specifically Engineered FOR M1 & M2 Vehicles.

All kits have been designed and engineered to maximise the number of wheelchair positions for each specific vehicle model, whilst keeping seating flexibility and staying mindful of requirements for wheelchair space.

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Vehicle Applications:
WAVs , Community Transport

  • WAVs
  • Community Transport

Características y Beneficios

Fully Customised

All the anchorage plates are designed specifically for each vehicle - ensuring they offer the best level of safety.

iQ Quality

All OMNI VR Kits are tested, certified and approved by VCA, UTAC, TUV, etc. at the iQ Research Centre of Excellence, our world class research and design facility.

OMNI Approved

All kits feature world-class Q’Straint or Sure-Lok retractors, and OMNI anchorage options.

Public & Private

Layouts have been designed to offer maximum flexibility to meet the differences between private and public service requirements.

Quick Installation

All anchorage systems have been designed to enable quick installation with the majority being self-jigging.

Multiple Vehicle Models

Currently Available for the following M1 Vehicle Models: Sprinter, Crafter, Boxer, Ducato, Jumper, Relay, Master, Movano, NV400, Transit ...with more to come soon!

OMNI VR anchorages and WTORS systems comply with the following: R14, R16, ISO 10542-1, and the requirements of Directive EC/2007/46; they are also compatible for use with IVA, NSS or ECWVTA.

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