Integrated Winch & Restraint System

INQLINE is a fully tested, heavy-duty winch and restraint system featuring dual automatic retractors that double as front tie-downs; making it the ideal solution for both passenger onboarding and passenger securement.

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Vehicle Applications:
WAVs , Community Transport

  • WAVs
  • Community Transport

Características y Beneficios

Controlled Steering

INQLINE simplifies the process of guiding a mobility passenger up and down a ramp with an ergonomic thumb controller that allows the operator to manually steer the passenger in and out of the vehicle.

Independent Retractors

INQLINE utilizes two Q’STRAINT self-tensioning auto-locking retractors. A new patented 360° webbing guide leads belt webbing over the top of the unit, keeping belts twist-free and allowing for more passenger leg room.

Wall Control Panel

INQLINE’s wall control panel simplifies all functions into an intuitive 2-button wallmounted unit for easy management of the engaging, releasing and ‘squeezing’ of the belts as needed.

Improved Angles

INQLINE’s front and rear tie-downs attach at the ideal angle for steadier ride conditions and a superior crash test performance. The lower belt angles also allow for larger wheelchairs to fit in the vehicle and the unit is fully adaptable to a variety of custom installation configurations; from floors to walls or even under vehicle seats.

Reduced Liability

INQLINE gives operators full control of the boarding and securement process, requiring minimal physical strain. Passengers feel safer and operators have true peace-of-mind, leading to better interactions and more positive experiences for everyone.

Speed, Safety & Simplicity

Drivers no longer need to reach around and invade the space of passengers. INQLINE completely eliminates a time-consuming and uncomfortable step of the securement process.

A Better Journey

INQLINE’s ‘final squeeze’ feature uses electronic sensors to determine exactly how much pressure to apply to the wheelchair, ensuring proper securement at all times.

ADA, FMVSS & CMVSS 209/302, and CSA Z605. In addition, all systems are crash tested at 30mph (48kph), 20G, and fully comply with RESNA WC-4, Section 18 and ISO-10542-1



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