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The Q'Straint QRT System is one of the best additions that we have made to our buses. This revolutionary idea has given our drivers the ability to properly secure our passengers without exposure of personal injury to themselves.

- Frank J. Ciccarella
Safety Laidlaw Transit Services, Inc., Vice President

Our bus was involved in a collision... our bus sustained damages in excess of $15,000; the three wheelchair passengers secured with Q'Straint did not move. Thank you for a superior product in a day when mediocrity is the norm.

- C. Douglas Ellis
Handi-Transit, Manager

I believe there is not a better system available on the market today.

- Kevin Corrone
Washington County Public Transportation Department, Director

The QRT Deluxe restraint system provides our drivers with more efficiency and dramatically reduces time securing our wheelchairs passengers.

- Dan G. Dirks
SMART, General Manager

The QRT Deluxe Retractor System that Q'Straint provided for our wheelchair lift equipped coaches has been well received by our drivers and passengers.

- Charles L. Springer
Mears Motor Coach Group, Director, Motor Coach Maintenance

The passengers and operators like the system since it is so easy and fast to use. In fact operators have wondered why we haven’t installed them on the entire fleet yet.

- Jane Seymore
Pierce Transit, Senior Transportation Manager

By using the Q'Straint retractable securement system with floor pockets and L-track fitting sets... the system worked and was accepted by our drivers and passengers.

- Angelo P. Leone
Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transit District, Shop/Facilities Superintendent

I’d like to thank you once more for your hospitality during our stay last week. (We were) really amazed with the level of professionalism, state of the art equipment and the deep knowledge which exists at Q’straint. (Your IQ testing facility) will substantially ease our test planning in the future and also reduce the cost of testing on our side.

- Miroslav Bartos

Thank you for a most enjoyable visit to the iQ. You guys set the bar really high! Please pass along appreciation to Andy, Tina, Cassie and the Sled Technician team. They represented you well!

- The ISO Committee

“(Touring the IQ Research Centre) was very interesting and enjoyable. I spoke with Graham and Alfie again last week and my intention is to continue to liaise and support them, as much as possible. With their own deal now in place, hopefully this will lead to an increase in both quotes and orders for us all.”

- Steve Callaghan
Vauxhall UK

“(Touring the IQ Research Centre), we found the crash testing very interesting and the insight into your product line up certainly gave us a better understanding of the different types of equipment available as well as a clearer understanding of its uses.”

- Andy Hill
Lex Autolease

Attendants & Operators

I got the bus off the road. All I could think of were my kids. I ran to the back of the bus to check on them. They never budged an inch thanks to your Q’Straints.

- Donna Traveline
Campbell City Schools

After researching every brand of wheelchair tie-down system available in the U.K., and some abroad, we are of the opinion that Q'Straint is the most user friendly of them all.

- Adam Beck
BSC Passenger Lift Services, Ltd.

The drivers love the QRT and wish they could have had them installed sooner! Thanks again!

- Leigh Ann Blake
, Fleet Supervisor

...As she and her technician ran back to check the children, they were very delighted to see that the Q'Straint system had held every child in place with NO injuries. We would just like you to know how much we appreciate your product.

- Lee J. Bate
NEBO School District, Supervisor


The combined speed of the two vehicles, according to the California Highway Patrol, was 100 mph... I owe my life to this restraint system, and I just wanted to thank you. Keep up the good work. Needless to say, my new van will be equipped with Q'Straint.

- Donald J. Dalton
Micro Overflow Corporation, President

Your company may have very well saved my life, and for that I sincerely thank you...

- Linda Jane France
Wheelchair User

I would thoroughly recommend the QLK to any family who need a safe, reliable solution for securing a wheelchair using relative or child in a vehicle

- Andrew Crane

I had a Q’Staint QLK-150 installed in my 1995 Ford Van last year, which I’m proud to say it did its job on May 8, 2014 when I wrecked my van when I was headed home from work. The van went in the ditch, I hit three trees then flipped over on the driver side and landed up against the fourth tree. The Q’Staint QLK-150 held my power chair secured in the van. Thankfully, I was not injured and nobody else was involved in this crash.

- Keith Jenkins
Wheelchair User and Driver

I have often found myself nearly tipping over in my manual wheelchair when a bus has taken a corner a bit sharpish...This bus could have driven a slalom course and I would have remained exactly where I was. I felt completely safe and secure and I had no need to hang on.

- Helen Dolphin
Disability Advocate, Director of Policy and Campaigns at Disabled Motoring UK

Training Testimonials

I attended Q’Straint’s National Training Securement Seminar, and from the time I arrived to the time I left, I can say one thing: Q’Straint is 1st class all the way!

- Susan Miller

Wow, what a thorough and professional job by everyone at Q’Straint.

- Diane Clegg
Elliott Coach Lines

Once again I wanted to express my appreciation to everyone at Q’Straint for the wonderful seminar.

- Dean Humphrey
Student Transportation Solutions LLC

For someone new to this industry, I felt all of the information and staff were great. I really learned a lot and know the support will be available anytime I have a question.

- Nicole Jackson

It’s nice to know that Q’Straint really cares about our clients by making first class products and working with the manufacturers to develop standards that put the safety of our clients and drivers first.

- Ron Graves
White Rock/Langley HandyDART, Program Manager

This seminar was well worth the trip – awesome. Your hospitality was outstanding.

- Marty Cress

Both of the instructors that TransLink sent found the course extremely informative and were very happy to be a part of it.

- Bill Hardin
TransLink, Program Manager

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