The new QM3 range comprises of wheelchair back rest, steel frame & varying levels of restraint depending on the version selected. The back rest can be installed as a rearward facing solution in low floor city buses or either direction within a tram or train.

The QM3 range from Q’Straint delivers a flexible and efficient securement system for wheelchairs on buses, coaches, trams and trains. Engineered with with the user and installer in mind, the sleek and robust QM3 range is easy to secure, quick to use and suitable for most public transport applications.

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Vehicle Applications:
City Bus , Rail

  • City Bus
  • Rail

Características y Beneficios

Peace of Mind

In the event of sudden vehicle turning, breaking or acceleration, added features help reduce injury to occupants and liability to operators

Easy Integration

Lap and shoulder belt are integrated into the QM3, utilising automatic locking retractors, with tongue and buckle fittings and up to 1 metre of webbing on each belt. The QM3 can easily be fixed to vehicle flooring using 4 X M12 bolts and underfloor fixing plates

Rearward Facing

A perfect solution for low floor city bus applications

Meets Requirements

QM3 meets the design requirements of PSVAR 2000 (Public Service Vehicles Accessibility Regulations 2000) and 2001/85/EC (Bus Directive)

Specially Designed Back Rest

The QM3 back rest is angled at 6º to provide even contact with the wheelchair back while the wheelchair rests against the QM3 with the passenger facing the vehicle rear

Compact Design

The QM3 seat rest is narrow enough to accommodate a large range of wheelchairs and allows clearance for powerchair battery packs near floor level


The QM3 frame includes durable nickel plating

High Quality Materials

All upholstery and back rest materials conform to fire retardancy standards, European directive 95/28/EC and UNECE Regulation 118 - back rest is cleanable and resistant to most mild acids, alkalis, drinks and stains

QM3 Range

Available in Standard, Deluxe & Max configurations

Warranty - 1 year


Back rest Strength:
EC Directive 2001/85/ec
ECE Regulation 107.03
PSVAR ‘public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations

Burning Behaviour of interior components
ECE Regulation 118
EC Directive 92/28/EC

Designed to meet essential requirements of:
EC Directive 2001/85/ec Annex 8
ECE Regulation 107.03
PSVAR 2000
TSI 2008/164/ec

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