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Emerging Trends in Wheelchair Transportation:
New Standards & Technologies

6/6/2017 Metro Magazine

This presentation will explore developing ridership and securement dilemmas facing transit providers, and examine how emerging technologies and recent regulatory changes are addressing the previous short comings of primitive securement applications. We invite attendees to engage in a thought-provoking discussion about the challenges they are facing and what the changes discussed mean for the industry and the future of ADA transportation.

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Securing Difficult Mobility Devices

3/30/2017 STN

IDEA was passed in 1975 making schools national leaders in providing equal services for the disabled community. However, today, over 40 years after its passage, school transportation providers are still consistently struggling to safely transport some students with disabilities and to secure the most difficult mobility devices. While wheelchair securement equipment has improved dramatically during this timeframe, there are still thousands of wheelchairs on the market which aren’t designed to be transported.This presentation reviews basic mobility device securement principles and discusses trouble shooting practices for situations where achieving those principles is difficult or even impossible. During this presentation, we reviewed some significant advancements in securement equipment, wheelchairs, and regulation that have the long term potential to alleviate these securement difficulties.

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Emerging Trends In Wheelchair Transportation:
Rearward Facing Securement

11/3/2016 Metro Magazine

This presentation explores developing ridership trends facing transit providers, offers an overview of the current research on rearward facing securement, and examines how emerging technologies are addressing the previous shortcomings of primitive rearward securement applications. Review a thought-provoking discussion about the ridership challenges faced and what newly available emerging technologies mean for the industry and the future of ADA transportation.

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