The original integrated 4-point system.

The Q-5000 was the world’s first fully integrated manual 4-point wheelchair securement system.  It provided wheelchair passengers with an unprecedented level of safety and has been successfully used all over the world for over 25 years.

Q-5000 Image 1

Vehicle Applications:
WAVs , Community Transport , School Bus , Coach Bus , City Bus , Rail

  • WAVs
  • Community Transport
  • School Bus
  • Coach Bus
  • City Bus
  • Rail
  • Compatible Anchorages - L-Track & Slide ′N Click
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Tested - crash tested to 30mph, 20 g’s
  • Meets or exceeds the following standards and regulations:
  • SAE J2249
  • ISO 10542
  • FMVSS 209, 302, 210, 222
  • CMVSS 209
  • CSA Z605
  • AS 2596
  • ADA
  • L-Track Kits

  • Q-5001-T

    • (2) Front Belts
    • (2) Rear Belts
    • Regular lap and shoulder belt

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  • Manual Belt Systems

    The manual systems are the original 4-point systems which have been tested and used for over 25 years. They use a cam or over-center buckle-design to safely secure wheelchair passengers.

  • Q5-6110-T


    Rear Belt, left hand belt with 'L' track fitting.

  • Q5-6111-T


    Rear Belt, right hand belt with 'L' track fitting.

  • Q5-6210/11-T


    Front Belt with J-hook with 'L' track fitting.

  • Shoulder Belts

  • Q5-6410


    Blue Shoulder Belt used with Q-5000 Series.

  • Q5-6410-T


    Blue Shoulder Belt with 'L' track fitting for installation. Used with the Q-5000 Series.

  • Lap Belts

  • Q5-6320


    Lap Belt with stiffners to be used with the Q-5000 Series.

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