Quality. Innovation.
Customer Satisfaction.

Our reputation as global leader is the result of our unwavering commitment to having the highest quality people, products and processes; our focus on superior customer satisfaction; and our ability to continually develop the next generation of wheelchair passenger safety solutions.


Our customers benefit from Q'Straint's commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in all we do.

We understand how important the quality, reliability and safety of our products are for the successful operation of public and private transportation. That's why Q'Straint invests significant resources to ensure we consistently deliver the industry's highest quality products and services.

Quality Processes

More than 10 years after being the first wheelchair securement company to earn ISO 9001:2008 certification, Q'Straint remains ISO 9001:2008 certified, reinforcing our commitment to the highest quality standards for management and operations. This focus on quality means that our processes -- design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, administration and shipping -- meet those exact standards.

iQ Research Center

The iQ Research Center of Excellence, which includes a new HYGE™ crash simulation system or “test sled,” is a world‐class research and design facility which furthers innovation and enhances the company’s product development capabilities.

The advanced HYGE™ crash simulation system provides state-of-the-art in-house tools to study, test and approve new technologies. It’s another example of how Q’Straint is going above and beyond to focus on safety and develop new technologies that allow for quicker product development, increasing the speed with which new products can be introduced.

The new iQ Research Center of Excellence and crash simulation system are located in Q’Straint’s Whitstable, East Kent, UK location. Oversight for each test will be provided by the global Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) which will witness and critique each test, only certifying the tests that meet the agency’s stringent criteria.

For more information, visit iQResearchCenter.com.

Relentless Testing

With so much resting on the quality of our products, we subject our systems to the industry's most comprehensive independent and in-house testing, ensuring they meet or exceed international and country-specific safety standards including ISO, SAE, BSI, FMVSS, ADA, CMVSS, CSA and AS.

Independent Testing
Our systems are evaluated by the world's most respected independent testing organizations, and earn approval for crash testing standards in each country where our products are sold.

In-House Testing and Inspection
Our Quality Assurance team performs the latest statistical techniques to a variety of tests on our systems and components:

  • Computer simulations ensure the fit, form and function of a product while still in development
  • In-process inspections at every stage of production, assembly and packaging
  • Dynamic and static pull testing ensures all products meet strength requirements
  • Cycle testing of every component ensures functionality and reliability over a minimum of 50,000 cycles
  • Vehicle motion simulation to ensure proper restraint functioning in emergency driving conditions
  • Advanced video measuring systems to ensure accurate dimensions and tolerances
  • Fatigue, corrosion, hardness and environmental weather testing ensures reliability and longevity
  • Field testing of our systems and products in "real world" applications

As an additional demonstration of our commitment to quality, our company is also extensively involved in the review and development of worldwide safety standards for wheelchair and occupant securement systems.


At the forefront of our mission is our commitment to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We recognize that providing the highest quality products is not enough. That's why our multi-lingual teams are dedicated and trained to ensure each of our customers' needs are met.

However, don't just take our word for it! Here's what some of our customers have to say about our staff and their commitment to customer satisfaction:

The level at which your staff operates leaves no room for improvement. Their responses are always timely, provide accurate information and cover all the bases. Your staff is the model that other industries should follow when it comes to supporting their customers.

- Arquelio J. Varga, Jewish Home Lifecare Transportation

I request drawings from time to time, and I usually get them within the hour of my request, often minutes after my request. I can't think of another vendor that can do this.

- Jeff Ryser, Eldorado National

You have a wonderful company because of your employees... the real gold is in the family feeling of the staff.

- Dean Humphrey, Student Transportation Solutions LLC

The best thing about the seminar was the knowledgeable and professional staff, who were well prepared (to train us).

- Jeff Lambert, Chino Valley Unified School District


Since Q'Straint was established, we have focused on developing and introducing the world's highest quality and most effective wheelchair passenger securement systems. That commitment to innovation has earned Q'Straint the reputation as the industry’s standard-setting leader.


Q’Straint was the first in our industry to develop and/or introduce:

  • Fully integrated 4-point wheelchair and passenger securement system
  • Compartmentalized "pocket" floor anchorage
  • Self-tensioning, self-locking wheelchair securement retractor
  • Integrated pin connector design for all lap & shoulder belts
  • Knobless wheelchair securement retractor (QRT)
  • Positive Lock Indicator (PLI) on track fittings
  • J-hook attachment for wheelchair securements
  • 3 and 4 stud track fittings
  • Double plunger track fittings
  • Double seat fitting
  • Removable cover for docking systems


Q’Straint was the first in our industry to develop and/or introduce:

  • First North American company to focus exclusively on wheelchair passenger securements
  • First to apply the reliable sled test, commonly used to test automobile safety belts, to wheelchair passenger securement systems First to recommend forward facing wheelchair securement
  • First to participate with NHTSA in the development of ADA regulations for wheelchair passenger securement
  • First to introduce serialized belts and kits for wheelchair securements
  • First and only securement company in the industry to earn ISO 9000 registration
  • First to develop comprehensive training package
  • First to offer national training seminars in North America

Our Product Development team helps us achieve these "firsts" by using the latest in development technologies and techniques to develop solutions that are easy-to-use and maximize safety, including:

  • Customer and user/operator focus groups
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computer simulation software
  • Rapid prototyping equipment

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